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The test

How will I know whether I should take the test?

If you are required to take this test you will have been informed by the CAA, and provided with log in details.

Why have I been asked to take this test?

You will have been asked to take this test if you have been involved in a recent infringement incident.

How long will the test take?

You have a maximum of 15 minutes to take that test: it should actually take you less time than that.

What happens if I don’t complete the test in time?

The test will terminate and your answers will be submitted automatically. If you have not received the required pass rate you will fail.

What happens if I log out during the test?

Once started, the test cannot be paused. Even if you log out, close your browser, turn off your computer or lose your internet connection, once started the timer will continue until your 15 minutes are up. For this reason it is vital that you ensure you have a reliable internet connection before starting the test.

Will I be contacted by the CAA after I’ve completed the test?

Only if further action is considered necessary: for example, if you fail the test (which includes not finishing it in time).