Pre-flight planning

The official online source of NOTAMs in the UK is

A number of online pre-flight planning tools are available. They can help safely and easily plan a Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flights in and around busy airspace. They can also be used to check NOTAMS.

NATS (National Air Traffic Services) has awarded its Safety Compliance Mark to SkyDemon Light. The mark indicates that the product complies with functionality set out by NATS to enhance flight safety.

A free, cut-down version of the full SkyDemon service designed for the UK. The software is an aid to VFR flight planning and navigation, designed to enhance situational awareness:


  • For guidance to pilots on the types of Air Traffic Services available to all flights operating within Class G airspace and, where notified, to VFR flights operating in Class E airspace download the CAA’s CAP1434: UK Flight Information Services
  • The Aware airspace warning device was developed with the full endorsement of NATS to address the year-on-year increase in airspace infringements in the UK. You can find more information at
  • NATS also endorses a similar system produced by PocketFMS